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Daphne « Calée ». Analysis-Decryption-Critique

Daphne CALÉE


If you want my opinion, the album « Here to stay » is one of the best records released since 2015 in Cameroon. Especially in terms of artistic direction. More or less promoted with limits, its extracts trace a fairly good evolution. After more than 09 titles extracted from the album, she offered in exclu, some time ago the audio of her title « Calée », and the video clip has followed.                 daphne album here to stay

Let’s start with the audio

Daphne has a beautiful voice, very sharp, spicy and glue glue if you want. As I usually say, she no longer needs autotune on her voice. When listening to « Calée », the observation is that this defect begins to be slightly corrected. Here the arrangement has given more value to her second voices and her backs that one can better listen to in default of usual shouts. The singing level is already that, at least it is better …

Vibe, emotions …

It is natural for Daphne to send emotion through her songs, there is a cute effect. What is good is the ease that she has to slip into several styles of music while keeping her RnB identity. It is the case with this title in which at the level of the vibes, she manages well … It is not boring, she embrasses her music well. The track releases, joy, positive emotion, gallantry and even glamor and a desire for seduction.

The music

It s from the same register with Ndolo, Broken, Mother love, Reflection and many others of her tracks. This title defines her even more, especially as a modern Afro singer. Mixed with zouk, a suspense of reggae dance hall and afropop soft. There are mainly these percussions in the background of the music that drives the piece and here we find a symbolic pictorial of Monique Seka in Afro Rn’b mode. Lol !! It is in my head that it happens. It is the same thing that I perceive when I listen to « Nakupenda » of Yemi Alade.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

On the level of writing … The concept « Calée »

Artists today exploit only their daily lives. Conceptually « Calée » expresses the fact that she is « Fallen » as one would say in France (cf Pascal obispo); Or « Fallen in love » as one would say in Nigeria (Cf Chidima). Putting the emphasis here to a love almost wild, Daphne tells a love story. Between extreme and escape, in full love of youth, she expresses here the risk that it is ready to take, because she is « rigid » (calée).

What we can appreciate here is first of all this daring and subtle side in writing. This puts a touch of maturity … Then his mixture of Camfranglais and pidgin with the zest of lyric humor. Finally, this inclination towards seduction, sensuality and insistence on feeling.

« Maman,je suis calée oh, le gars la me bolet avec son regard… Je risques des consequences, je m’en fous  »

« Facon tu me touches, facon tu me… Bae tu veux ma mort »

« I know that you love me, mais je t’aime plus fort… I know that you need, but i need you more »

« Baby boy, you’re the man who’s sent me on fire … ».

The video clip

Many on social media did not hesitate to make the direct report on this clip and « Fallen in love » of Chidima. Surely because of the apparent texture, the decor and the idea of starting in the classroom. But if this is true how far the clip made was inspired by Fallen in love? One can notice in the clip that 80% of the scenario have no relation with the video of Chidima.

The clip is beautiful and independently, the scenes are very well played. Between love from high school and scenes of seduction. One can appreciate the imagination with scenes such as:

  • The seduction’s game between Daphne and her lover in the room (His intimate clothe, the freedom and permission that the actors give to each other validly represented in the spirit of the piece)
  • The valorization of the Cameroonian culture with the appearance of the « Eru » in the clip
  • The valorization of the cameroonian heritage through the beautiful images of the nature taken on the coast of Cameroon.
  • The ending scene in nature between the rocks and the sea stands out well the tropical side that transmits the piece.
  • The dances as well calibrated, without exaggeration go well. This is not missed as in the clip of her title « Madingwa »
  • The projection that it is made with the boy by whom she is seduced. A beautiful transition by which the director, makes a plan on the iris in order to project us on a new scenario. It’s a little bit like « Dashiki » of Reniss, but when it’s well cheated it goes.

However, from my point of view, we had to get back to reality at the end of the piece. The one who takes the video in progress will not know that we are in the imagination. If, on the other hand, we are not in the imagination, we can note a certain incoherence, because we can not leave college from the request of marriage without seeing the actors grow.

Otherwise I think that we exploited without exaggerating the physical capacities of Daphne in the clip, it is seller and illustrative of the audio content. She reminds many of Grace Decca.

Let’s recap!

All in all, the product deserves attention and is in my opinion well left to walk, there are many corrections.

  • Originality / Art Direction: 07/10
  • Context: 08/10
  • Performing artist’s performance: 6,8 / 10
  • Writing: 8,3 / 10
  • Composition: 08/10
  • Music: 08/10
  • Video clip (At the local level): 8,3 / 10

The final product: 7,8 / 10

It’s up to you …